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I am Pikachu. I was created in Japan for the amusment and pleashure of sochally deprived males. I am a furry creeture who defeets evil Pokemon. I have existed in this roll for many years. This is not what I am. I am a fully rounded individual and haf a need to express myself in my compleateness. That includes learning how to speel correctly. I am not just a happy furry little caracter. I have low points in my life as well. I get depressd when I loose a battle, I cry when a fellow Pokemon faints. And I am hurt when somone insults me!!!!!!!!! This argueing and bickering over what my nature is, mouse or hampster, has greatly upset me. And to have this tribble deam me as a hampster without hafing even met me is the worst injustise I haf ever recievd. I had no choice but to tak it and show it the err of its ways. "As the world becomes smaller and smaller and a multicultural society is more the norm, compassion and understanding must rule. One cannot make sweeping generalizations any longer." Just becaus I may not look like your idea of a mouse, niether may thee gay man siting next to you fit youre outdated stereotipe. One must embrase mor universal values and truths and strive toward aseptanse off persons in all shapes and forms. To this end I anm reeducating this poor misguided creetore so that he may see the err of his ways.