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I have kidnaped your tribble in retaliashion for thee insults served upon 
me!!!!!!!!!!! Iam a mouse, not a hampster!!!!!!!!!! If you ever want to 
see the tribble again you must meat the following ransem:

$1 werth of pennies made before 1990, only 10 of each year
1 bag of paenut M&Ms- minus the blue ones
A recording of Shatner singing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"
3 blue paperclips

Once you aggree to meat my demands I will gif you instrucshions on how to 
retreive the tribble. Until then, your tribble will be tortored and 
pictures will be sent to you daily. He is being forced to listen to "Barbra 
Streisand: Her Third Album" as I am righting this. The sooner you respond, 
sooner the tortore will end.