From this day forward, I am no longer known as Chirpie the tribble. I am now to be called the Pokemon Chirpu. Or you may address me as the Pokemon Formerly Known as Chirpie. I have at last realized my full life potential. And that is to be a conduit for others. My weapon is in the Electrical Energy category. Tribblenapper is able to channel his energy through me thus making himself more powerful. Thus he is able to win more battles and more easily. Once I realized that this was my purpose in life, everything has become so much simpler. I live to serve only Tribblenapper now. In helping him, I help myself. I did not understand before, why he acted the way he did. He was exhausted, having to fight every time his card was played or a Gameboy was turned on. He always felt the need to be perfect. He was looked up to and admired, the most well known Pokemon ever. And yet, there was no one to love him. And then I came along. I totally destroyed what little self esteem he had left. I had no clue what my thoughtless comment would do to him. And yet, this entire situation has all worked out for the best. I have been cured of my prior tactlessness and Tribblenapper has a soulmate and a companion to share his Pokeball. Through the education given me, I learned more than I ever thought possible. Some of the "tortures" I was put through are actually merely forms of training that young Pokemon undergo. As a result, I have learned valuable skills to use in my new life ahead. Patty Hearst is my role model. Never again will I associate with my former fellow furballs. I will only return to my former owner of my own free will. I only know that I can never leave Tribblenapper again.

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